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What are mobile proxies?
Mobile proxies are portable devices such as smartphones with access to the internet through mobile data network provider. These proxies mask your actual IP address by replacing it with that of the device when you connect to the internet.
What is a 4g proxy?

A 4G Proxy comprises of a single IP address provided by mobile internet operators such as Vodafone, Telekom, O2 ... Unlike residential proxies that use broadband ISPs and WI-FI, 4G proxies use mobile data.

What can i use mobile proxies for?

Mobile proxies are perfect for social media account creation without any risks. Accounts created via mobile proxies guarantee the highest trust score. In other words, for every ten bulk social accounts you create, nine of them will stay alive. These results are quite impressive in terms of the creation game.

What locations are available?

In the moment available locations are: Macedonia

IP auto rotation? API controlled rotation?

If you run multiple accounts and hundreds of actions per day, staying on single IP for too long might trigger block action. With automatic rotation your traffic looks like just any other mobile user using social media. For private proxies you have auto rotation in 5,10 or 20 minutes.

In API proxies you have your own command and you can change IP address whenever you want!

IPs from European Union. Superfast 4G/LTE Speeds.

Our 4G mobile proxies are only from first-tier, European Union country ( Bulgaria , Greece , Macedonia , Croatia ). It gives you best IP score in all social media sites. That's one of the main factors that should reduce any block actions.

4G/LTE technology gives you all the speed you need to do everything on time. Our dedicated uplinks to the modems provide extra stability and almost 100% uptime 24/7.

Accounts Management , Accounts Creation , SEO / Web Scraping.

Run multiple accounts on single 4G/LTE proxy.Using mobile network IPs, your traffic looks like just yet another ordinary social media user with a cell phone.

Mobile proxy might be your only solution if you need to create accounts in bulk.With unique IP from first-tier country you can create most trusted accounts possible.

Index and analyze content on social sites. You can stay low-profile with ever changing IP. With unlimited traffic to social sites you don't have to worry about any limits.

Proxies are not new to us: We use them for personal and business needs. But the term “mobile proxy” is quite new. Therefore, not many internet users understand the specifics and use cases of this type of proxies. Let’s clarify all the details and see how you can utilize mobile proxies.

What is a mobile proxy?

It’s rather obvious that mobile proxies have something to do with mobile devices. And if it was your gut feeling about this technology, you’re totally correct. A mobile proxy is a portable device — for example, a smartphone or a tablet — that has access to the internet via mobile data. You can connect to such proxies to mask your real IP address with the device's one.

The network of mobile proxies consists of real 3G or 4G connections that are assigned to certain portable gadgets by a mobile operator. Moreover, the devices that are a part of SatProxy  network of mobile proxies are not some idle gadgets — those are smartphones and tablets used by real people.

Thus, mobile proxies are always authentic. They will provide you with real IP addresses and make you undetectable since you’ll appear as a resident of a country you’ve chosen to connect to.

Why do you need mobile proxies?

Have you ever encountered a CAPTCHA trying to access Google while your device is connected to the mobile network? It happened because you get a new IP address each time you connect to the 3G or 4G network. Once you connect to the internet using your portable device, you get a new IP address. And once you disconnect from the network, your IP returns to the base of all the addresses and gets assigned to the next user.

If the previous user who had your current IP was doing something suspicious online, Google would flag this address. Then the next time someone using it will want to search for something, Google will make them go through the CAPTCHA.

A mobile proxy will help you avoid this predicament since it will mask your real current IP address with another one that is clean and is not flagged as suspicious by Google. And if you want to ensure that you will never encounter CAPTCHA or get any issues because of the mobile IP you have, you can stick to individual mobile proxies. Exclusive proxies will belong solely to you, and you will be the only person using them.

Mobile proxies for managing multiple social media accounts

If you're a social media manager, you'll definitely find mobile proxies useful. As you log out of one account and log into another, your IP address remains the same if you’re connected directly to your mobile or wireless network. It will create problems for you because social media platforms are trying to stop users from creating multiple accounts.

That’s why fake profiles you’re using for social media marketing will most likely get blocked if you’re logging into them with the same IP address. It will indicate that these accounts belong to the same person, and social media platform will ban them.

But if you use proxies, you will avoid this situation. Since the IP addresses will change along with accounts, the system of the social media you use will not find your activity suspicious. Therefore, you will not get any issues. It is especially important if you work with accounts of your clients - you don’t want them to get banned because of you.

Just follow one simple rule — stick to the same country for one profile. It’s weird if the same account logs in from the US in the morning, from Australia in the afternoon, and from Europe in the evening. This will also give social media platforms a hint that something is off with this profile.

Also, you can use mobile proxies for social media marketing to avoid ad fraud: You'll be able to confirm that you’ve targeted ads properly and to check what ads your competitors are posting. To do that, simply connect to a proxy from a country you need, and the social media platform will display you the content meant for this audience.

The bottom line

Nowadays, over half of the users browse the Internet from their mobile devices. And this trend is not going anywhere. We are already using smartphones and tablets for virtually anything. So why would we go back to laptops and computers as our primary devices?

Obviously, the more people will use their mobile gadgets, the more issues will arise. Thus, there will be more cases of using mobile proxies. That’s why you need to master them before your competitors do it faster.